PL AC100-PRO Styrene

Przegląd produktów

The AC100-PRO is a two-component vinylester adhesive anchor and is approved for almost all applications and base materials.͍It provides consistent performance in uncracked and cracked concrete with a wide range of hole diameters and embedment depths as well as flexible fixture thicknesses and a simple͍installation process.͍The AC100-PRO is approved for a temperature range of up to 120°C and can even be used in water filled holes. It also provides a fast curing time and high load capacity making it the ideal adhesive anchor for use on-site.

Dodatkowe możliwości funkcji

  • ETAG 029 approved for use in solid and hollow brick
  • ETA and National German Approval
  • Seismic loading approval according to category C1
  • Installation down to -10°C
  • Mixing nozzle included
  • Suitable for use in rotary hammer drilled holes
  • 18 months shelf life (12 months for 300ml)


Wysokość produktu
25 in
Waga produktu
1 lbs



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