PL SC-PRO Vinylester

PL SC-PRO Vinylester

  • ETA option 7 approval for uncracked concrete
  • For use in combination with chisel point threaded rods
  • Amount of mortar is exactly fitted to the drill hole diameter and hole depth
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The SC-PRO anchor system consists of integrated two-component glass capsules and matching chisel pointed anchor rods which are installed using a rotary hammer. An outer capsule contains epoxy acrylate resin (vinyl-ester) in which quartz aggregate is suspended. The inner capsule contains a hardening agent. SC-PRO capsules are the best solution for simple, no͍fuss, fast setting at standard embedment depths with controlled wastage.͍During installation, the SC-PRO system bonds the threaded rod to the base material so no expansion forces are exerted against the walls of the hole in the base material. Unlike expansion͍anchors, the anchor can be set close to the edge of concrete.

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  • 18 months shelf life


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